Wits Chamber of Mines
Chamber of Mines, Wits University
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The original building representing the first major shift of facilities to the west campus was completed in 1989. The one quarter of the square shaped building was never completed and the new extensions, being planned considers the completion of this historic eye-sore.

New concepts to ensure a green sustainable philosophy is being adhered to are reflective of the philosophy for a building housing the department of the environment.

Closure of the central courtyard using a glass roof of 20 m.of diameter would provide options to ensure maximization of the existing space, and creating acceptable climatic conditions.

Using solar heating, the central space, developed as a coffee-shop and meeting space, as well as a foyer to the new 450 seat auditorium, would become a sustainable environmental concept.

A unique protective screen to the west façade, are to be developed using the principle of hot air stratification and façade cooling.

The existing building was constructed using the principle of raised floors and air supplied from within these voids. The new quarter extends these existing principles, essential in sustainable “green” buildings, such as the San Francisco Federal Building (Morphosis) and the New York Times Building (Renzo Piano), reflective of newly constructed sustainable architecture.