Standard Bank Gallery
Standard Bank Gallery
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Over the past number of years the Standard Bank has erected its headquarters in the form of two very large buildings on both sides of Simmonds Street. At the completion of these buildings it was felt that an unifying element was required to achieve a coherent precinct as an introduction to the headquarters building. On the site left for this to occur it was decided to introduce a circular element providing porticoed pedestrian access routes. This element occurs right across Simmonds Street in the form of plantboxes and a screen that will be creeper covered in order to introduce greenery into the space.

This element is sized to give a measure of closure to the vista as one approaches along one-way Simmonds Street.

This plaza element also forms the entry to the new Standard Bank Gallery on its eastern flank.

The Standard Bank of South Africa owned a seven storey old building originally housing the Commercial Exchange. It was decided to do extensive renovations to this building in order to house the Banks’ archives as well as a public art gallery and some recreational facilities.

The external skin of the building has been retained intact whilst some internal gutting was required to form a three storey high circular internal space around which the accommodation is arranged. The interior of the building required careful design to achieve a jewel box effect for the display of archive material and art works.