Raphael Apartments
Raphael Apartments, Sandton
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The Raphael Apartments is one of the latest developments completed by the Developers, Legacy Group Holdings and celebrated its public opening on 30 August with a cocktail function as well as a reveal of the apartments.

These individually designed penthouses offer from 78 to 500 square meters of unrivalled lifestyle. Indoor courtyards, splash pools, terraces overlooking the vibe of Nelson Mandela Square, a private gymnasium, secure parking and a dedicated concierge, are but a few of the standard features of this unique development.

The Raphael apartment complex is grabbing the attention of people everywhere, with the existing Mandela Square (Sandton Square) forming the structural basis for the apartment complex. The Raphael built over three levels provides a variety of selected options. The north facing units contain large outdoor terraces providing a unique external living area overlooking the Square and across towards the Michelangelo Hotel. The urban context of the apartments creates a new approach to living, where a contrast is made to apartments now being becoming available in Sandton. Four existing glazed courtyards to the offices below are used as the planning basis. The presence of the four courtyards is reflected on the square by the creation of landscaped recesses providing private pools at various levels.


The concept used for the interior of the Raphael is one of a contemporary philosophy for the apartments, with some light classical touches in the public areas. The selected finishes would convey a sense of quality by making use of marble. The details show a minimist direction in terms of the selection of limited materials. New concepts include the introduction of images abstracting the historic work of Raphael which would make the essential connection.

Interior Designer Monica Di Ruvo from DIA Designs revealed that the interior finishes were chosen with todays busy lifestyles in mind. The colours are light and neutral, with the interior creating a backdrop rather than making a statement. The finishes that were selected are practical and durable.

The suites range in size from one bedroom apartments overlooking gardens, two bedroom apartments with patios, Jacuzzis of pools to 500 square meter King suites with square facing terraces and private plunge pools. The apartments divided into Classic, Contemporary and Modern Classic, each offer its own individuality. The original colours chosen for the classical apartments can be further sub divided into a large living room in red, a small living room in blue, a bedroom in blue and a bedroom in red. Contemporary apartments also offer two different selections, here the large living room is available in green, the small living room in red, with a bedroom selection of green or red. For the bedroom colour has been introduced as accent walls (specialist metallic wall covering by Marmoran) as well as back painted glass panels which add reflection. For the kitchen s a green colour was selected for the contemporary apartments and red for the classical apartments with blue in the modern classic. The BSH range of appliances was specified together with LG fridges.

The choices of furniture is contemporary and once again there is the desire to create a comfortable backdrop which would suit different peoples lifestyles and tastes. Monica Di Ruvo says: "Wherever possible we emphasise good quality rather than just a trendy or fashionable choice"

All hotel suites offer a five star environment with room service, state of the art communications and technology, concierge services, DSTV, LG plasma screens as well as fully equipped kitchens. The Raphael further includes a pool deck overlooking the Square and a fully equipped gymnasium with views North and South.

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