Quality Control

Co-Arc International's quality control procedures on a project encompass all facets of professional service delivery, and extend beyond specific projects to active involvement in professional circles, support to academic teaching institutions and ongoing study to remain abreast of latest developments in its field of expertise.

The following points are central to the quality control systems and procedures:

  • Each project is dealt with by a coherent project team, led by a project partner. The project partner assumes full responsibility for the project, and is the principal contact to the Client.
  • The team is structured to address the specific needs of each project, with in-house skills allocated to the various tasks (design, technical execution or management duties) to achieve optimum service delivery.
  • A second project architect and a job captain are typically appointed for a project; more if the project requires this.
  • Work is executed in a single location, on networked workstations, to ensure immediate problem solving and ongoing efficient co-ordination.
  • Review meetings and drawing review procedures are in place to check all documentation at senior level prior to release.
  • All production is pre-programmed according to overall project timeframes, the drawing lists and allocated resources to achieve defined targets.  Regular project review meetings and ongoing progress monitoring ensure consistent control.
  • High standards are applied throughout. Designs are developed on a strong factual and technological basis, and all design decisions are tested against suppliers’ and professional engineering consultants’ input to ensure integrated, well resolved design solutions are achieved.
  • Throughout a project close contact and ongoing dialogue is maintained with the Client and other stakeholders to ensure client requirements are optimally addressed. All report submissions, design approvals and decisions from the Clients are dealt with as programmed events, to be rigorously adhered to.
  • All statutory requirements applying to a particular project are clarified in advance, and addressed in discussions with the relevant statutory authorities.
  • Communication channels within a project team are clarified and recorded for the benefit of all team members to prevent miscommunication and achieve good co-ordination. The project architect takes overall responsibility for co-ordination and communication functions.
  • In a Joint Venture specific operational procedures are clarified in advance, to ensure the same system of single-point responsibility, co-ordination and control is achieved.
  • Co-Arc International pursues good working relationships with all consultants within a team, supplemented by clear management of co-ordination processes in multi-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Co-Arc International strives to maintain a leading position in the field of architecture. Ongoing study and involvement in professional activities outside the office environment ensures that principals and senior staff remain at the forefront of developments in architecture. This approach is extended to all levels of staffing through in-house training programmes, sponsored training courses and rigorous dialogue within the office.
  • Office management and staffing is at all times structured to cover the full scope of architectural services to ensure depth and breadth of expertise.
  • Financial control for in-house production forms an integral part of the quality control procedures to ensure efficient service delivery throughout the length of the project. By the same token cost-control is exercised on each actual building project, in close collaboration with the quantity surveyors, both as integral part of design and design development and as part of project administration procedures, to ensure full, open accountability towards Clients.
  • All service delivery is underpinned by a state of the art infrastructure to ensure efficiency in production and communications.