Profile & Experience

In 2005, Co-Arc International Architects was founded by the partners of Meyer Pienaar Architects and Urban Designers and some of the talented young architects and designers in the practice. Success in many international competitions and recognition of the fact that so many projects in the practice were being done in project associations and in so many countries outside of South Africa preempted the decision.

Co-Arc International Architects is an architectural practice with particular design skill that is in the business of adding value to developments through the creation of quality architecture and urban design and an extremely high standard of professional service.

For its forty year history Meyer Pienaar has been known as one of South Africa’s leading architectural and urban design firms. The professional experience and expertise of the partners of Meyer Pienaar is now combined with the young talent in Co-Arc to take up the challenges offered in the international market of a dynamic new South Africa. Following the untimely death of the founding member of Meyer Pienaar and opportunities within South Africa, Co-Arc will also operate in South Africa both in its own right and in collaboration with other professionals.

Co-Arc as a South African architectural practice with local and international associations brings together extensive experience in a broad field of architecture, in particular in the following market segments:

  • Civic facilities, including offices, community centres, halls, libraries and museums.
  • Urban design, from detail design of public spaces to large-scale strategic urban planning.
  • Hotel and resort developments.
  • Commercial retail and office developments.
  • Commercial apartment-, townhouse and cluster housing.
  • Low-cost housing
  • Industrial Parks and light and medium sized factories.
  • Corporate offices.
  • Educational facilities, from schools, laboratories and lecture theatres to student housing and full campus designs.
  • Private residences.
Co-Arc International has built its strength on managerial, technical and design innovation, coupled with a capacity for dynamic change and a thorough understanding of market forces. Motivated by a deep sense of social and cultural responsibility, the company subscribes to highest standards of design and professionalism, to enlightened environmental and human relations policies, and a sound affirmative action programme.