Boulevard Heights Apartments
Boulevard Heights Apartments, Dubai


The 50 storey high Boulevard Heights apartment towers were designed by Perkins Will Architects, Dubai. Having entered into a collaboration agreement with Perkins Will in 2015, Co-Arc took over documentation of this project during the design development work stage, and completed full building information modelling within a tight five-week production period, followed by inter-disciplinary coordination and scheduling of supplementary information in a second production phase.

Credit and copyright for the design vests in Perkins Will, who describe the architecture as a design that is both modern in its aesthetic and classic at its core. Perkins Will's concept sets two stepped towers onto a podium which houses a mixture of commercial activities, and serves to articulate the streetscape of Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Experienced from the inside, the apartments frame views of the Dubai skyline. In their outside appearance the buildings make reference to concepts which have informed early skyscraper designs of New York. The towers express in a contemporary idiom the underlying structural logic and the orthogonal geometry of the planning modules, articulated by expressing the shear walls as lines traced across the facade. The resultant development marries careful urban integration into the context of Dubai with strong visual articulation of the building.