Associate Companies

Meyer Pienaar Tayob Joint Venture

Architects & Urban Designers
        (A joint venture partnership with Aziz Tayob Architects Inc, Reg No. 9713236/21)

Meyer Pienaar Tayob Architects is a partnership between Meyer Pienaar Architects and Urban Designers, for over thirty years one of the country's leading architectural firms, and Aziz Tayob Partnership Architects, the first black architectural practice to have been established in South Africa, and a company that earned respect for its consistent quality of design and professional service in the face of adverse conditions under the previous political dispensation. These two firms have collaborated on projects for well over a decade, and have in 1997 formalised their relationship in a joint venture partnership, known as Meyer Pienaar Tayob Architects and Urban Designers.

This joint venture forms the backbone of a rigorous empowerment drive, with a 50% PDI equity split. This joint venture has established itself as one of the leading empowerment partnerships in the field of architecture and urban design, which pro-actively pursues an empowerment programme centred around a seven-point mission statement adopted at inception of the partnership. Most major commissions in South Africa are executed within this joint venture, and an admirable track record of empowerment has been achived in the past five years.

MPTS Architects Inc.

Architects & Urban Designers

MPTS Architects Inc. was formed following a partnership between Meyer Pienaar Tayob Architects and Urban Designers and the practice of Hermann Schnepel Architects in Mpumalanga.

A joint submission for a competition for the new government buildings of Mpumalanga resulted in a unanimous first prize win, and the commission for this prestigious project. This led to the establishment of the Meyer Pienaar Tayob Schnepel partnership. Within a year Meyer Pienaar Tayob Schnepel grew into the largest architectural practice in the Nelspruit area. It has now been registered as an Incorporated company, and serves the Mpumalanga, Mocambique and Swaziland regions.